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Was sind eigentlich Gabionen?
Gabionen werden oft auch Drahtkörbe, Gitterkörbe, Schüttkörbe oder Steinkörbe genannt. Der Begriff stammt aus dem Italienischen und bedeutet "großer Käfig". Eine Gabione wird mit unterschiedlichen Materialien, zumeist aber Natursteinen oder Bruchsteinen, häufig auch mit Holz befüllt.

Besonders als Stütze an Hängen, für die Befestigung von Wegen, zur Abgrenzung von Grundstücken und als Sicht- oder Lärmschutz sind sie eine preiswerte und ansprechende Alternative zu Mauern aus Beton oder herkömmlichen Mauersteinen. Auch zur Gestaltung im eigenen Garten lassen sich einzelne Steinkörbe hervorragend verwenden. Es besteht die Möglichkeit, diese zu bepflanzen, zur Konstruktion von Hochbeeten zu nutzen oder als dekorative Elemente einzusetzen, zum Beispiel indem man sie beleuchtet.

Gabionen online kaufen
Neben dem bequemen Rechnungskauf sind weitere Zahlungsarten möglich. Einfach die gewünschten Gabionen auswählen und in den Warenkorb legen. Viele Drahtkörbe können über den Online-Konfigurator auch ganz individuell auf Maß in Wunschgröße bestellt werden. Einfach Maschenweite sowie Länge, Höhe und Tiefe der Gabione angeben. Ab einem Bestellwert von 80 € erfolgt die Lieferung versandkostenfrei innerhalb Deutschlands, eine Lieferung auf die Inseln ist nicht möglich.

Extension baskets
Extension baskets
Gabion fences on measure
What are gabion baskets?

They have become the eye-catcher in many gardens and on the grounds of many businesses in recent years: gabions - cages or baskets filled with beautiful natural stones - are often used in landscaping, e.g. for supporting hillsides, as privacy protection or soundproofing. But stone cages also look good in gardens or on the terrace. They can be used as walls and fences, as raised beds, columns, rubbish bin stalls or simply as decorative elements. There are hardly any limits to creative garden design with gabions. A wide variety of stone baskets can easily be ordered in the Gabions24 onlineshop.

Gabion walls as privacy protection

Apart from their decorative value, gabion walls also make great privacy fences. A stylish alternative to traditional stone walls that require the painstaking efforts of masons to build and are prone to destruction, a stone-filled cage of this sort assembles quickly and is something you can readily put your own unique stamp on. To keep the various kinds of stones together, we offer gabions in a range of mesh sizes and in different model sizes. Gabion baskets can be rectangular, square, narrow or wide, allowing for a broad range of options for constructing secure walls within strong mesh enclosures. Multiple baskets can be joined to one another with perfectly stable results. This method can be used, for example, to build an imaginative, highly distinctive privacy fence.

Choose gabions if you are looking for a easy care, all year privacy protection or garden fence. Unlike hedges, gabions walls protect from prying eyes also in autumn and winter and don’t have to be cut. Of course you can also plant or cover the stone cages if you like it green. Alternatively, the stone wall can be loosened up with other materials, such as granite steles or wooden elements. A wooden fence can also be combined with gabion columns.

Back-friendly gardening with gabion raised garden beds

Raised beds made of stone baskets can be ordered online at the Gabions24 onlineshop in many standard sizes as well as made to measure. The outer wire cage of the stone basket is filled up with natural stones, the interior is lined with a fleece and filled with soil. Then you can plant the gabion raised beds according to your wish. Advantage: They allow particularly back-friendly gardening and are less susceptible to weeds and pests.

Gabion bench, seating and furniture

Gabion benches and stools are robust and easy care seats for garden and terrace. You can create a bench from gabions by using the filled wire mesh basket as a base and mounting a board on it. You can also attach the seat between two gabions. If you want to, you can plant these stone cages at the ends of the bench with flowers. Longer gabion benches over the corner are also possible.

Filling gabion with natural stones

Such a gabion basket can be filled with light or dark stones of all kinds, including stones that are now being marketed specifically as gabion stones. Reddish granite, grey quarry stones, light Jura or silvery-black alpine stones, and colourful gravel are examples of beautiful stone fills that can be used in this way to visually harmonise with the surroundings. In addition to natural stones, other creative filling materials for gabions are possible – please note the mesh size.

Buy gabion baskets online in UK

The Gabions24 onlineshop offers stone cages in various standard. Many wire baskets can also be individually adjusted to the desired size via our online configurator. Just choose mesh size and dimension of the gabion. We charge lump sum shipping costs of 5,90 £ per order for orderst o UK. From a order value of 55 £ onwards, we deliver shipments free of cost. Domestic delivery for deliveries abroad shall be made within 5 - 7 days from conclusion of contract (if advance payment agreed from the date of the payment instruction).

Please feel free to contact us at any time for a consultation concerning anything having to do with gabions.

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