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Hochbeet eckig 100 cm x 90 cm x 100 cm (L x H x T), Maschenweite 5 x 5 cm, Wandstärke 10 cm

Raised bed 100 cm x 90 cm x 100 cm mesh size 5 x 5 cm, wall thickness 10


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  • 27,32 kg
  • - Gabion dimensions: 100cm x 90cm x 100cm(L x H x D) - Mesh... more
    Product information "Raised bed 100 cm x 90 cm x 100 cm mesh size 5 x 5 cm, wall thickness 10"

    - Gabion dimensions: 100cm x 90cm x 100cm(L x H x D)
    - Mesh width, grid: 5 x 5 cm
    - Material: wire (Diameter 4mm) galvanised
    - Coating: zinc-aluminium min 350 g/m2
    - Salt spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227): > 3.000 hours
    - Tensile strength, wire: > 500 N/mm2
    - Shear strength, welding points: > 3,5 kN

    Scope of delivery: 9 mesh mats
    Spirals for closing the edges Spacers
    (prevent bulging of the grids)

    Filling (not included in the scope of delivery): approx. 540kg ,
    Natural stones, quarry stone, etc.
    We also offer various natural stones - delivery within Germany.

    Connection: spiral

    Connect the grids without any tools.
    Spirals are the easiest way to build gabions from our grids, making installation quick and easy,
    which is why they are the standard connectors for our gabions.
    The four-millimetre-thick wire is shaped into a spiral. You twist these spirals through at the joints to connect the grids.
    That it is how you create a secure connection along the entire edge in a way that is guaranteed to look good.

    GABIONA® - proven quality - Made in Germany

    Experience quality German craftsmanship with our gabions. We place especially high demands on our grids for you: durability of the coating,
    high tensile strength of the wire, high shear strength of the welding points.
    In particular, the strength of the welding points is the most important criterion for the grid's stability – and thus for the entire construction.
    Depending on the manufacturer, there are major quality differences in this respect.
    We have all quality features undergo testing by test laboratories on a regular basis.
    The high level of our quality is your assurance.

    GABIONA® Raised beds: growing made easy

    Would you like to enjoy your raised bed for a long time to come? The mesh grids are weather-resistant and can easily withstand your watering.
    The stones last forever. This enables you to plant flowers in your gabion raised bed season after season.
    Painting and touching up your planters is now a thing of the past.
    The stones store the warmth of the sun; this allows the plants to develop better and vegetables to ripen faster.

    Länge: 100
    Maschenweite: 5 x 5
    Höhe: 90
    Wandstärke: 10
    Tiefe: 100
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