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Attachment gabion type 2 100 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm (L x H x D), mesh size 5 cm x 5 cm, C-ring


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Length 100 cm
Height 100 cm
Depth 40 cm
  • 17,42 kg
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    Product information "Attachment gabion type 2 100 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm (L x H x D), mesh size 5 cm x 5 cm, C-ring"
    • Gabion dimensions:                                                        100 cm x 100 cm x 40 cm (L x H x D)
    • Mesh width, grid:                                                            5 cm x 5 cm
    • Material:                                                                        wire (Ø 4mm) galvanised
    • Coating:                                                                         zinc-aluminium min 350 g/m²
    • Salt spray test (DIN EN ISO 9227):                                  > 3,000 hours            
    • Tensile strength, wire:                                                     > 500 N/mm²
    • Shear strength, welding points:                                        > 3.5 kN



      Proven quality “Made in Germany”



    Scope of delivery:          5 mesh grid mats (without front mesh grid)
                                        C-rings for connecting the grids
                                        C-ring pliers for assembly
                                        Spacers (prevent bulging of the grids)



    Filling (not included in the scope of delivery): approx.  kg                                          
    Natural stones, quarry stone, etc.
    We also offer various natural stones - delivery within Germany.
    Gabions in an interconnected system
    Complete large building projects simply and economically. Each project can be designed individually. Whether you want them high or long; simply connect
    your gabions together to achieve great things.
    Direct connection of the baskets creates maximum stability; an attractive surface finish is guaranteed.
    This gabion is missing the front mesh grid. This allows your gabions to grow in length. Please ensure that the attachment gabion has the same depth as
    the adjacent gabion.

    The grids can be easily and unobtrusively connected with our C-rings by using the
    special C-ring pliers (included in delivery). There is a secure closure every 5 to 10 cm.
    Like the grids, the rings are made of galvanised wire.
    Before assembly they are in a C-shape; after assembly they will be in a triangular shape.


    GABIONA® – proven quality – Made in Germany
    Experience quality German craftsmanship with our gabions. We place especially high demands on our grids for you: durability of the coating, high
    tensile strength of the wire, high shear strength of the welding points.
    In particular, the strength of the welding points is the most important criterion for the grid's stability – and thus for the entire construction.
    Depending on the manufacturer, there are major quality differences in this respect.                                    
    We have all quality features undergo testing by test laboratories on a regular basis.
    The high level of our quality is your assurance.

    GABIONA® Gabions: the all-rounders for your garden

    Become your own master builder. Benefit from how easy it is to carry out complex construction projects with our gabions. Combine creativity and craft –
    getting your project done will be remarkable easy. Find out for yourself in how many ways you can make your personal garden dreams come true with
    our stone baskets. Every basket you fill is unique, unmistakably bearing your signature. Gabions originate in Italy. A simple idea: a wire basket filled with
    stones, making an effective impression. Today, they are an integral part of German gardens and public spaces.
    Let yourself be inspired by the variety – be it as a decorative single element or as a stylish partition, your imagination knows almost no bounds.
    - Structural, local and static conditions must be observed -
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