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For us, service is still a top priority. For this reason we have put together this page as a comprehensive source of information about our gabions.


What are gabions?

An extraordinary eye-catcher for the home or garden

Allow your creativity free reign and enhance the appearance of your green oasis or your own four walls with gabions. The decorative cube-shaped or rectangular baskets filled with wood, granite pavers, natural stone or quarry stone are a true highlight and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Gabions – also referred to as wire cages, mesh baskets, rubble baskets or stone baskets – are extremely easy to join to one another to create a wall or other structures.

Did you know...?

The term “gabion” comes from Italian and means “big cage”.

Facts & figures

  • Wire mesh panels, spot welded and made of 4 mm wire
  • Can be filled with objects of smaller size, creating a more filigree appearance than is possible with large mesh sizes; mesh panels have greater stability
  • Connecting spiral joints, easy assembly without need of special tools
  • Aluminium-zinc coating, greater protection against corrosion 

What can I use gabions for?

A true multitalent: the uses of gabions 

There are scarcely any limits to how far your imagination can take you. Whether they are used to mark property boundaries (as a garden wall or fence, or in combination with slats), as a privacy fence or noise barrier, as a bench with a wooden seat top, or as a raised garden bed, gabions are multifaceted and versatile, and they are an excellent yet inexpensive alternative to traditional stone or concrete walls. Gabions are also ideally suited for buttressing slopes, enclosing raised ponds, or paving paths, and they do so in a way that is not only functional but also extremely decorative.

Our tip: Use gabions as a pedestal for a table or counter top, and install lighting elements to show it off to best advantage.

How do I install gabions?

One stone rests upon another

It couldn't be any easier: Assembling gabions used for purely decorative purposes does not require the use of any special tools. Simply join the edges of the mesh panels together by twisting the spiral joints in between them, fill in with stones, and you are done. In this way you can even install multiple gabions next to and atop one another to create compact walls. 

Our tip: Place a polystyrene block in the middle of the gabions and distribute the stones all around it. Not only will this cut down the weight, but you will also save on expensive fill material.

Do you intend for your gabions to play a supporting role? Then further measures are necessary: 

  • First a foundation strip is laid out and, depending on the size of the gabions, the necessary fence posts are embedded.
  • Simply position the gabions around the posts, and join the edges of the mesh panels by twisting the spiral joints in between them.
  • Using a spirit level, keep checking to make certain that the gabions are lined up exactly, including while they are being filled with stones.
  • Use spacers or anchor ties so that the gabions remain fixed and do not bulge when they are filled in. Make sure that all gabions are filled evenly.
  • Finish by filling them in manually, stone by stone; small stones can simply be poured into the gabions from buckets.

Do you have any other questions? Then visit our shop. We would also be happy to respond to you personally. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail.