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Our FAQs 

How many kilogrammes of stones do I need per cubic metre?

Depending on the type, you need about 1.8 tons of stone per cubic metre. 

How big do the stones I use have to be?

The stones must be larger than the mesh size, naturally, but no less than 1.5 times larger.

Where can I buy stones for gabions?

You can buy regional stones from your local building materials dealer. But you can also get stones at home improvement stores, from specialised dealers or right at the quarry.

What kinds of stones make suitable fill material?

Granite, basalt, dolomite, and limestone, but more inexpensive, domestic stones such as greywacke, gneiss, river pebbles, rhyolite or andesite also are ideal for filling gabions.

What accounts for differences in quality?

Our gabions are valued for their superior quality. As compared to traditional gabions, they have considerably greater stability and are guaranteed not to lose their shape. They are also extremely well protected against corrosion, thanks to their aluminium-zinc coating, and they are therefore extremely durable. 

What is the right way to fill gabions?

The important thing is that all gabions be filled evenly. Smaller stones can be poured into the baskets by the bucketful, while larger stones are laid on individually and by hand, with the flat side down and always as close together as possible. 

How do I clean my gabions?

A high-pressure water blaster is the best tool for this job. As an alternative, a garden hose can be used to hose down the stones. 

What is the proper way to set up my gabions?

On our “Instructions” page you will find videos demonstrating how to easily set up your gabions.

Do you have more questions?

You will find further information on our Customer Service.

Naturally, we would also be happy to assist you further personally. Our staff will be pleased to respond to your contact request.