Assembling gabions: material, assembly and instructions

Gabions are robust, easy to care for and stand for creative garden design. Assembling them is as uncomplicated as the stone basket itself: We show you how to assemble the grid baskets correctly and fill them with natural stones.

Assembly instructions for spiral gabions

For assembling our spiral gabions, you need neither well-founded technical knowledge nor special tools. They can be assembled in just a few steps by connecting the individual wire meshes using the spirals supplied. Spacers, which are also included in the scope of delivery, ensure that the gabions do not bulge out during subsequent filling. By the way, the assembly process is identical for all gabion sizes.

Assembling gabions step by step

Step 1

Before you start assembling the wire mesh basket, you should first identify all components: side walls, front side, back and bottom. To make assembly easier, these can now be arranged on the floor as they will later be assembled: Place the bottom part in the middle, the front mesh on the sides, the back to the rear and the front side to the front.

Step 2

The front and rear walls are then connected to the base by spirals. Once this step has been completed, the front mesh can also be attached to the floor mesh. Once again, spirals are used. The gabion is now connected to a large, flat wire cross.

Step 3

In the next step, fold up the back and connect it to the first and then to the second side wall using spirals. The same is then done with the front mesh folded up. The stone basket is now ready and can be filled.

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Gabion spacers

Filling the stone basket with natural stones and using the spacers

The filling material for the stone basket must be purchased separately. In our blog, we have already presented some creative ideas for filling gabions. The empty stone basket is filled with natural stones in layers. In between, the spacers are inserted by hooking them in pairs between the front and rear wall.

Using gabion spacers

In order not to bend the spacers (causing them to lose their function), you should place the gabion stones in the basket carefully. How to use the spacers correctly is explained in a separate blog article. When the stone basket is completely filled, only the lid has to be fixed to the side walls, back and front using spirals – ready.

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