Filling gabions with natural stones and spacers

Gabions are usually filled with natural stones. So-called spacers ensure that the load of the gabion stones is evenly distributed over the wire mesh. We show you how to use them and how to fill stone baskets correctly.

Natural stones for filling gabions

Gabions are filled, for example, with natural stones such as limestone, North Sea pebbles, red Gothenburg or Jura. Different filling materials and stone colours can be combined to patterns.

Spacers for gabions

The spacers made of 4 mm thick, galvanised wire ensure that the distance between the gabion walls remains even. This prevents the stone baskets from bulging during filling. Gabions from Gabions24 are supplied with 15 spacers per m² of visible side as standard when ordering. If additional spacers are required, they can also be ordered separately from our online shop. The length of the spacers is chosen depending on the depth of the stone basket (10 cm – 200 cm).

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Filling gabions

Inserting spacers and filling the gabions with stones

Basically, the spacers are hung into the grids of the stone basket at a distance of approx. 20-30 cm from each other from the front to the back. Please spread evenly over the surface and use the inner wires. Before filling the gabions, the first layer of spacers is hung in. Squared timber or similar should be placed on the spacers in order to protect them from the mechanical stress of falling stones when filling. The wooden pieces can be removed again if stones lie over the spacers – then the next spacers are hung in. This process is repeated until the gabion is completely filled with natural stones.

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