Buying gabion columns online: ideas for designing gardens

Gabion columns make gardens more beautiful, serve climbing plants as trellises, are practical and can be set up as fence posts, as well as free-standing. We show you the most beautiful ways of using the popular stone basket columns.

In the online shop of Gabion24, the stone baskets are available in various sizes and mesh sizes, both as round columns and with a square base. They are supplied as one piece and already have a screwed-in spiral; a suitable lid for closing can be ordered separately if required. Wire baskets from Gabions24 are protected against corrosion due to their galvanic coating and are, therefore, particularly easy to care for and are weather-resistant.

Gabion columns as fence posts

Are you planning to redesign or loosen up your garden fence or property boundary? Gabion columns improve the appearance of a simple wooden or lattice fence. Whether filled with glass chunks or natural stones – the gabion columns as fence posts are a stylish element for a modern property boundary. For mild summer evenings in the countryside, stone basket columns filled with lighting elements conjure up a pleasant atmosphere.

Buy gabion columns online

Round or square gabion flower columns

Round or square gabion flower columns

The wire baskets are particularly effective when planted with colourful flowers. Gabions24’s special flower gabion columns are supplied with the flowerpot. Round flower columns all have a diameter of 37 cm and are available in different heights. If you want to combine the beautiful with the useful, choose square flower columns. These can easily be transformed into a gabion stool or side table after the flowering period or permanently with a wooden board. Practical, right? It is advisable to install squared timber so that the seat does not slip away.

To the gabion flower columns

Gabion columns as decorative holders

Gabion columns as decorative holders

The gabion columns can also be used as free-standing decorative elements to embellish outdoor areas. Decorate the gabion columns with vases, extraordinary light globes or plant pots. Here, you can be really creative, depending on the season, and give your garden a new coat of paint according to the time of year. In this way, the green oasis will shine again and again in new splendour.

Setting up and fastening the gabion columns

Both round and square gabion columns from Gabions24 are available in different heights, mesh widths and diameters. Gabions24 guarantees high corrosion protection by electroplating all wire mesh parts. We show you how to set up your gabion column quickly and easily. Delivery is without lid and base.

Step 1

Please note that our columns are delivered completely assembled; a locking spiral is already screwed in on one side.

Step 2

Now, the baskets just have to be equipped with an anti-tilt device: the mounting of one post per column is recommended. You can purchase them in our gabions online shop under accessories/parts.

Step 3

Now the post should either be embedded in concrete with a punctual foundation in the ground approx. 50 – 80 cm or bolted to the floor with a post anchor. Make sure that the fence post protrudes into the column by at least two thirds.

Step 4

Once the gabion column has been assembled and fixed, it can now be filled with different materials. Your own gabion column is ready! Make sure that sufficient safety (fence posts) against tipping is provided for. In the case of baskets with a base area of more than 32×32 cm, spacers would still have to be fitted. The others, as well as the round gabion columns, do not need this.

Step 5

If you want to place decorative items on the gabion, you must close them with a lid beforehand. You can purchase this separately from our online shop.

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