Gabions as outdoor space dividers: raised beds, walls, and columns

Inside, shelves and curtains work well to define different living areas. Outside, hedges are often for the same purpose, but gabions are also perfect for such use.

Raised bed made of gabions to divide your garden space

Create cosy, comfortable corners with raised beds made of gabions to create “rooms” outside. This is a practical idea, if, for example, you want to separate the terrace from your lawn. Raised beds made of gabions fulfil this function perfectly. Since the raised beds are available in different dimensions, you have lots of options available for creating the perfect outdoor space. We can even create gabions with corners, just ask by using our contact form.

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Gabion walls as room dividers

Gabion fences which are normally serve as noise, wind, and privacy protection, can also be used as unique room dividers. To keep it from being too overwhelming, you might opt for half-high gabion walls. This will create visual separation between different spaces, for example between your outdoor dining area and your swimming pool. Depending on your taste, you can fill them with stones, but also with coloured glass, wood, and other materials. We’ve put together tips for filling materials to make decorative gabion dividers here.

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Gabion columns as room dividers

Gabion columns, which are available in both round and square shapes, can also be used as room dividers in the green. One original way to divide up your garden would be set up multiple gabion columns at a uniform distance from each other. The gabions are also perfect lattices for growing ivy and can help create a truly idyllic setting.

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