Decorative tips for gabion walls and fences

Gabions from Gabions24 are ideal for use as privacy screens or to mark boundaries. Each wall is already unique by your choice of filling. Here are some ideas to make them even more creative.

Adding plants and lighting to your gabions

Whether you put plants on the sides of your gabions, cover them with vines, or turn them into a flower box, our blog has presented many options for adding greenery to your gabions. And when it comes to putting gabions in the right light, we’ve already brought together a lot of ideas, from lighting with glass blocks or light tubes to spotlights and fairy lights.

How to illuminate gabions

Gabions as place to hang everything imaginable

You can attach all sorts of decorative objects to your gabions: from flower boxes to windmills, lamps and letter boxes to house numbers. Our insider tip: use hanging planters that you can fill with flowers or any other ideas you come up with. They are available in different materials, look great, and unlike the direct planting of the gabion, their position be changed at any time.

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Gabion walls with colour and pattern

Who says stones have to be boring? Natural stones are available in different colour variations, from different grey tones to red to yellow. The different stone colours can be arranged to patterns or left as a colourful mix. A further idea to add colour is to add some coloured gabion columns. Stones, of course, are not the only option for filling your gabions. We’ve put together all sorts of ideas for creative gabion fillers.

Gabion fences as a design element

As already suggested above, you don’t need to use only gabions. Instead of columns of different colours, you could, for example, use granite or wood elements to break up the look of the stone fence. If smaller gabion elements are combined, you can add recesses. You add plants or lanterns to the gaps. You can even build in a waterfall element to really make for a stunning gabion wall. Animal lovers might even want to build an entire insect resort from a gabion.

Combining gabions with wood

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