Rubbish bin stalls made of gabions

Tired of looking at unsightly rubbish bins? You spend so many hours making the front of your home looking as lovely as possible, only to have it spoilt by rubbish bins? Do something about it! Making hides for rubbish bins from gabions is a stylish way to make these modern necessities disappear.

Hiding your rubbish in plain sight

So if you don’t just want to cover up your bin with stickers, you have other options for making it disappear: with wicker or wooden fences, hedges, or even hoists to raise your bin on demand. Or you could use gabions. They are perfect for hiding your bins and integrate perfectly into your lovely garden. In addition, gabions are more robust and easy to clean than wooden fences, offer year-round screening compared to hedges, and are definitely less expensive and easier to install than a hoist for your bins.

Gabions as hides for your rubbish bin

Every one of the rubbish bin hides from Gabions24 offers space for a bin with up to 120 litres (30 gallons) of capacity. The U-shaped base element can be expanded as desired by attaching as many L-shape elements in a row as you like. You can thus create a multiple rubbish-bin hide by setting several base elements side-by-side.

The wire cages of the gabions can then be filled with natural stone or other materials such as glass or wood. Whether patterns, different colours, or different sizes, there are no limits to your creativity. Plant enthusiasts can fill the gabions with clematis, ivy, or other climbing plants. You can also attach lights, letter boxes, or house numbers.

Buy rubbish bin hides online

Hiding your rubbish bins behind gabions

Our rubbish bin hides are quick and easy to assemble. All of the required mounting brackets and spacers are included. If placed on a load-bearing surface, the gabions can also be built without being digging posts. The wire cages are made into a grid and are particularly stable due to the wire thickness and the high number of welding points.

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