Gabion letter boxes

Every household needs one: a letter box. They can easily be attached to the gabion wall. It becomes even more stylish when the mailbox is integrated into a freestanding gabion column. Here is a set of instructions for making your own gabion letter box.

Build your own gabion letter box

The wire meshes of gabions offer ideal conditions for attaching decoration such as flower boxes, house numbers, lamps, or even letterboxes. A freestanding letter box on a gabion can be placed anywhere you like in your front garden, whether directly at your front door or on the pavement. It becomes a real eye-catcher if the mailbox is not only attached but integrated into the gabion. Gabions24 does not offer gabion letter box kits, but you can order the gabion column kit from us in a variety of different sizes and mesh widths.

Gabion fence with letter box

Building a gabion column

Building a gabion column is fast and easy. Each column is supplied in one piece and is closed at the side with a mounting spiral. Insert a fence post into each column with at least 2/3 of it surrounded by the column. The wire mesh basket is then filled.

Gabion fence with letter box

Integrating a letter box into a gabion

Before the gabion column is finally placed over the post, cut a recess for the letter box into the column. This is best done with a bolt cutter. Do not use an angle grinder! Now place the letter box into the resulting hole and secure it. You might also be able to attach it to the fence post, depending on the design of the letter box. It is important to ensure that the depth of the recess is not too large that it runs into the fence post making it visible. Then fill the column below as usual. Then add the stones surrounding the letter box. Above, you can now insert a column cap to keep the weight of the other stones from crushing the letter box.

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