Gabion fence as year-round privacy screen

Many hedges lose their foliage in the autumn and no longer provide screening. So if you’d like to keep prying eyes out even in the winter, either plant evergreen hedges, use gabions as a privacy screen, or a combination of both.

Gabion wall as garden fence

Deciduous hedges lose their leaves in autumn. Evergreen hedge plants such as privet, beech, and bamboo retain their green colour even in winter. A hybrid form, for example, would be red beeches, which do not lose their foliage in autumn, but instead become dry and copper-coloured.

Combining gabion fences with wood

Combining gabion wall with wood

A hedge, however, requires intensive maintenance and must be trimmed regularly. It also takes a few years to become dense and high enough to provide adequate screening. As a result, larger plants are more expensive to purchase. Evergreen hedges such as privet, arbour vitae, and bamboo can grow up to 50 cm (20 inches) a year depending on the species, while cypresses, yews, and beech trees grow very slowly.

Planted gabion fences as privacy screens

Gabion fences are an easy-care alternative which offers all-year screening. The wire mesh baskets can be ordered directly from Gabions24 in the appropriate size. You can then choose to fill them with various stones or materials to match your design ideas. If you don’t want to miss out on greenery as part of your privacy screen, you can plant the outside of your gabions or use evergreen bushes between individual gabion elements to add pops of colour.

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