How to illuminate gabions

With garden lighting you avoid not only tripping in the dark, but can also create a magical atmosphere in your green oasis. We show you how to set up gabions with light tubes, solar lamps, etc.

Tips for illuminated gabions in the garden

No matter whether you’re doing it for safety reasons or as decoration, there are many options for putting your garden in the right light at night, with garden torches, lanterns, or fire pits that can exude romantic or rustic charm. Solar lights save on electric bills, don’t require wiring, and are available in various models. If you do use wired lighting, make sure that the wires, plug, and lamp are all suitable for outdoor use. To better appreciate your beautiful gabions after dusk, you might choose to illuminate them from either the outside or from within.

Lighting your gabions from the outside

Use a spotlight embedded in the ground to highlight individual objects in the dark. For example, shoot a light up a gabion column or a gabion fence from below. Lighted spheres in various sizes atop decorative columns, individual cubes, or longer gabion walls can also very beautiful. In addition, the grids of the wire basket are well suited for fixing a conventional outdoor light with motion detector sensor. Or maybe hang a playful set of lanterns or fairy lights to your gabions. If you’ve got a gabion raised bed, tuck some small solar lamps between the plants for a dramatic effect.

Illuminating your gabions from the inside

If you want to light the gabions from within, you can incorporate LED elements as you fill the baskets. You can use strings of fairy lights or LED lighting tubes, for example. Or create special lighting effects by using transparent or coloured glass as a filling material. Smaller wire baskets can be completely illuminated; a privacy screen piece can even look like a window.

There are no limits to your creativity when designing lighting schemes for your gabions!

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