Combining gabions with wood

You can also top your gabion with wood to make a bench or use your gabions as posts for a fence. Whatever you decide, the natural materials in the gabions and wood work well together.

Filling gabions with wood

As a rule, the wire mesh baskets are filled with natural stones. If you want to make your garden, terrace, or courtyard more rustic-looking, add some wood. But not all wood is the same: the gabion baskets can be filled with various types, shapes, sizes, and colours of wood. Good choices may be stacks of wood planks, posts, or stakes. But also thin branches and sawed tree trunks make excellent, creative fillers for gabions.

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Combining gabion benches with wood

Gabion bench with wooden top

Create custom seating arrangements from gabions. Gabion benches with wooden seats are robust and can be used all year round. DIY fans will love be able to build these original pieces of garden furniture themselves. The easiest way to create a bench from gabions is to use the filled wire mesh basket as a base and mount a board on it to be used as a seat.

Build-your-own gabion benches

Combining gabion benches with wood

Gabion wall in combination with wood fence

Pair a wood fence with gabions as posts to create an even more original look. Instead of driving holes into the ground, build gabion columns and add pre-fabricated wooden fence panels. The Gabions24 online shop offers smaller wire cages in various mesh sizes and sizes.

You can even order custom sizes by using our online configurator. Simply select one of three mesh sizes (5 x 5 cm, 5 x 10 cm or 5 x 20 cm) as well as the length, height, and depth of the wire basket. The calculator will display the price for your gabion cage within seconds.

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