7 Ideas for Garden Design with Gabions

Can gabions only be used as fences, walls, or privacy screen? Nothing could be further from the truth! From raised beds to benches and even insect hotels, we have put together all sorts of creative ideas for the use of gabions both outside and in.

1. Raised bed made of gabions

Using gabions to make raised beds is already almost a classic, so much so that we offer kits you can order in our online shop. Raised beds are perfect for gardeners who want to spare their backs. They can be planted with ornamental plants or as a vegetable patch and will be an absolute eye-catcher in your garden or on your terrace.

View raised bed kits in our online shop

gabion raised-bed with vegetables

2. Raised pond made of gabions

You can fill our gabion raised beds with more than just soil! If you add a plastic pool liner to the inner wire cage, you can turn your raised bed into a pond for your garden that’s easy to take care of. Then fill the outer cage as usual with natural stones, etc.

3. Benches made of gabions

Gabions are ideal substructures for garden furniture. Just order gabions in your desired size and mount the plastic or wood seat on top. So whether you want a single stool, a bench, or table, garden furniture made of gabions are robust and weather-resistant.

Building furniture out of gabions

gabion bench

4. Hides for rubbish bins, etc. made of gabions

For most people, rubbish bins are rarely a pretty sight. But with our special hides for rubbish bins, etc., they’ll simply disappear behind a gabion. The outer walls of the stone baskets can be additionally covered and planted to turn even your rubbish bin area into a real eye catcher.

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gabion rubbish bin

5. An insect hotel made of gabions

If you’re using gabions, you can also do something good for the animal world. In addition to classic natural stones, a part of the wire basket can be filled with drilled wooden boards, hollow plant stalks, bamboo sticks, pine cones, or straw to create a new habitat for your animal neighbours in the garden.

gabion insect hotel

6. Gabions indoors

Gabions can even become real stunners in your living room, kitchen, etc. Whether as a piece of furniture, a room divider, or a way to bring greenery into your home, gabions are robust design elements. But do be warned: have an engineer check to make sure your joists and foundations can carry the weight.

7. Stairways made of gabions

Sometimes there are minor differences in height in gardens and terraces. How about building steps made of gabions? To ensure that the wire won’t bend when someone steps on them, fill the cages very compactly with natural stone.

gabion stairway


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