Gabion raised-beds: gabions for planting

Gabion raised-beds are not just aesthetically pleasing but also make gardening easier. In the gabions24 online shop, we have raised-beds in various sizes as well as tailor-made gabion beds.

The inner wire cage of a gabion raised-bed can be planted in various ways – with flower, vegetables or herbs. The external cage can be filled with natural stones. Thanks to their height, they are back-friendly and are less susceptible to weeds and pests. And, as the earth in the raised-bed warms up faster, they can be used earlier in the year. The delivery includes the floor grid, mesh for inside and outside the cage as well as all helixes, spacers and fleece.

Order a square gabion raised-bed online
gabion raised-bed with flowers

If you are looking for a classic, square gabion bed, you can find a wide variety of standard gabions in the gabions24 online shop. If you can’t find the size you want, our online configurator can help you put together an individualised raised-bed: simply choose the appropriate mesh size (5 x 5 cm or 5 x 10 cm), and then specify the length, height, depth and wall thickness of the wire cage desired. The gabion is made-to-measure. Incidentally, the item price is displayed directly in our online configurator.

To the gabion raised-beds

corner gabion raised garden bed

Corner gabion raised-beds

If you want to be more creative, you can invest in a corner gabion raised-bed. You can use these to border a terrace for example, or to make use of crooked corners in the garden. If you are interested in a raised-bed that you cannot find in out shop, please send your enquiry to us via the contact form. Together we will find the right solution for your garden!

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Gabion raised-beds are hardy and robust

Gabion raised-beds are not just spring/summer garden highlights and you don’t have to do without them in the winter. Unlike terracotta pots whose porous structure takes in water that freezes during the winter leading to the pot breaking, gabion raised-beds are winterproof. The wire mesh cages from gabions24 have a galvanised coating to protect them from corrosion. If you choose to fill them with natural stone, you have no reason to fear the frost and snow.

Depending on the season, you can fill the inner wire cage of the gabion raised-bed with flowers, vegetables or herbs. Here, the filled wire mesh cage serves as a boundary. The interior space is lined with fleece and filled with earth.

Lining gabion raised-beds with coconut matting

In winter, you can line the gabion raised-beds with impregnated coconut matting. These are available in commercial garden centres as frost protection for potted plants, for example. The coconut matting is winterproof and can simply be placed against the wire mesh on the inside. Now, the gabions can be filled with earth and planted. The gabions can also be planted from the top and hanging or climbing plants can be placed into the sides of them.

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