Filling gabions and using the spacers correctly

Spacers ensure that the weight of the stones is uniformly distributed over the mesh. They are included in your order as standard, but they can also be ordered individually. We will show you what to consider during the buying and assembly process.

What are gabion spacers?

Spacers must be used at regular intervals so that the gabions do not bulge when they are filled with stones. These ensure that the spaces between the side walls remain even. 15 spacers per square metre of surface are delivered as standard with gabions from gabions24. They consist of 4 mm thick, galvanised wire. If additional spacers are needed, they can be ordered from our online shop. In order to do this, please select the length of the spacer and the depth of the stone basket (10 cm – 200 cm).

Buy gabion spacers online

Gabion spacers

How do you install a spacer in the gabion?

Spacers are mounted at a distance of approx. 20-30 cm from each other and from front to back in the lattice. Please use the inner wires only and distribute them evenly over the space. The lowest layer of spacers should be inserted before the gabions are filled. Scantlings or similar should be placed on the spacers in order to protect them from the mechanical stress of falling stones when filling. Then, once the stones are above the height of the spacers, the scantlings can be removed. The next holding layer can then be attached and the scantlings placed on these before filling. Please repeat the process until you reach the top layer of spacers.

Watch videos on gabion construction:

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