Tips for planting in gabions

If the gabions are too basic or bulky for you, you can easily grass them over, grow creepers up them and plant them. The wire mesh cages can be filled with stones or earth in order to do this. Here are some options.

Grow creepers up the gabions

An easy way to cover gabions is to allow creepers to grow up them from the bottom. To do this, all you need to do is to plant climbing plants such as ivy, clematis, Virginia creeper or even roses in front of the gabions. This method is particularly good for high gabion walls as the plants use the wire mesh to climb.

Planting gabions

If you like simple but full greenery, you can plant turf inside the gabions and fill them with soil. The top will also be covered with grass resulting in easy to maintain walls or cubes.

plating gabions

Gabions raised garden beds

If only the top of the gabions is to be planted, then the wire mesh cage should not be completely filled with stones. The uppermost part should be filled with earth instead. Here, you can sow seeds or plant your favourite flowers. Depending and the design of the garden and how tall the gabions should be, they can make an easy-to-use raised-bed.

With our gabion raised garden beds it is even easier to plant your stone cages at the top!

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Planting the sides of gabions

Another option for planting is to plant the gabions not just from the top, but from the sides as well. To do this, the spaces between the stones in the wire mesh can be filled with earth and individual plants set. Plants particularly suited to rock gardens are best, as they are particularly undemanding.
It is also possible to plant the gabions from the sides if the wire mesh cages are lined with fleece of coconut matting and filled with earth. Then all you need to do is to cut a hole where you want to plant the flowers. Planting the sides of the gabions is not just good for wide walls, but also for tall gabion columns.

Whether you want to grow creepers up them, plant them from the top or the sides or fill them with stones or earth, you need a certain number of evergreen plants so that the gabions are not devoid of greenery in the winter.

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