Creative ideas for filling gabions

Gabions are usually filled with natural stones. But, the creative possibilities for filling the wire mesh cages are virtually unlimited. The only stipulation is that the material must be weather-resistant. Time to be inspired!

Filling gabions with sandstone, granite, gravel or marble

Stone is not just stone: Natural stones come in varying sizes, shapes and colours. The width of the gabion mesh must be selected according to the size of stones. You can create beautiful patterns or figures within the gabions by combining the natural stones. Entire gabion columns can also be filled with different coloured stones and placed next to each other.

Filling gabions with glass rocks

Glass rocks are a particularly popular filling material for wire mesh cages. Different colours, e.g. green, blue or white, can also be used here to create patterns. Of course you can also combine natural stones and glass rocks.

Illuminated gabions

As they are still translucent despite what colour the filling may be, gabions filled with glass rocks are particularly suited to illumination. Lighting elements can be integrated into even the largest of gabions. The easiest way to create lighting is by using a light net such as those used for Christmas decorations. This can then be simply thrown over the gabion.

Filling gabions with cobblestones

Cobblestones can also be used to fill gabions. Thanks to their square shape, they fill the gabions particularly well. If you want to add some colour, you can paint individual stones for example. Thanks to the gabions’ symmetrical shape, words or numbers can even be spelled out using different coloured cobblestones. Gabion fences could be used in this way to spell out the house number, for example.

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Filling gabions with wood, clay and natural products

Layered tiles are an alternative to filling them with natural stones. They provide the gabions with a very linear structure. On the other hand, clay pipes create a light, open and naturally rounded visual appearance. Alternatively, layers of timber planks or massive wooden pegs can be used.

If you like things more natural, then gabions can be filled with straw – both loose or in whole bales. The gabion configurator from can help you to find the right size of wire mesh cage for the bales. Other organic fillers are pine cones, wood chips or shells. However, all of these fillings may need to be replaced regularly because they will decay due to the weather.

Planting gabions

As well as a gabion raised-bed, there are other ways of planting gabions.  If the wire mesh cages are lined with coconut matting and then filled with earth, you can plant them from above as well as from the sides. Just cut a hole in the desired location, place the plants in laterally – finished! Alternatively, bamboo or reed plants can be inserted into empty wire mesh cages. These will grow out of the gabions and stabilise them at the base.

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Gabions as colourful and elegant eye catchers

Can gabions be used as small benches or tables for a children’s play area in the garden? For cheerful and colourful eye-catching wire mesh cages, they can be filled with the colourful plastic balls used in ball pits.

Gabions look particularly elegant when they are filled with empty bottles. The rounded bottle bottoms create beautiful patterns, different coloured bottles can be used to create additional colour accents. If gabions are made-to-measure, then the length and diameter of the bottles can be taken into account.

Of course, the above-mentioned fillers can be combined with each other, for example as a wall of gabion blocks with different fillings or they can be layered within a large gabion. Both the weight of the materials and the size of the mesh must be taken into account when ordering the wire mesh cages.

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