Build-your-own gabion benches

Gabions can be used for designing garden furniture. Gabion benches are robust and can be used all year round. We will explain how you can build individual seats from gabions.

Stone cage benches: Do it yourself

The easiest way to create a bench from gabions is to use the filled wire mesh basket as a base and mount a board on it to be used as a seat. For a lighter design, the gabions can be used solely at the ends as supports instead of as the substructure of the entire seating area. Several shorter, individual elements should be used for longer benches; these will support the middle of the seating area for better stability.

Anyone who wants to create a large seating island in their garden can create the base of a large area using multiple individual elements. These can then be covered with wooden planks and pillows for cushions.

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Stone cage bench

Gabion benches with side tables and a backrest

Alternatively, a free-floating seating area can be created between two gabions. So that these are stable, a particularly stable substructure must be created and anchored into the gabion. If the surfaces of the two free-standing gabion pillars are large enough, they can be covered with boards and used as side tables. Or they can be used as flower pots and planted.

For added comfort, a backrest can be built on to the gabion bench. Either a corresponding structure made from wood and steel can be used or a gabion wall can be used as the backrest. Cushions can also be used for comfort. Of course gabions can also be used as chairs instead of benches.

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