5 Facts about Gabions

Gabions are making their way into more and more gardens. These wire containers to hold stone or other materials are a practical, robust, uncomplicated, versatile, and environmentally friendly way to build retaining walls, etc. Five advantages that will convince every garden owner.

1. Gabions are practical

Gabions create excellent wind, privacy, or noise protection in your garden. They are often used as the end piece on fences and terraces and can also be used as retaining walls. Gabion walls and fences not only fulfil important functions in garden design, but are also real eye-catchers. But that’s not all: if the wire baskets are filled with natural stone, they will store the heat of the sun making it possible to spend even chilly evenings out on your terrace.

2. Gabions are robust

Our wire mesh baskets are galvanised and are thus protected against corrosion. The natural stones used as filling are also weather-resistant, ensuring your gabions will look beautiful and well-maintained for years to come. This is not only practical for stone walls, but also for gabion seating. Turning gabions into a bench is almost child’s play.

3. Gabions are uncomplicated

Spiral gabions can be assembled quickly, easily, and without special tools. Once assembled, they do not require any further care thanks to their robust materials. Gabion walls do not have to be trimmed like hedges or treated like wooden garden fittings.

4. Gabions are versatile

Gabions are much more than just fences and walls. How about a gabion raised bed, a garden column full of flowers, or even a hideaway for your rubbish bins? Gabions not only work outside, they can even work well for interior design. In addition to filling them traditionally wit natural stones in different colours, the gabions could also be filled with empty bottles or a rainbow of plastic balls. There are no limits to your creativity, so order your made-to-measure gabions today from our online shop.

5. Gabions are environmentally friendly

Because they are highly weather-resistant, gabions will last for years. In addition, the gaps in the rocks can also serve as shelter for small animals. You can even turn part of your gabion into an insect hotel! And, you can even use your gabion for some upcycling, for example by filling them with brick or stone from demolished buildings

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